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Cultivating Natural Curiosity

One of the core components of what we offer at Sweet Peas Child Care is a dynamic and enriching learning environment. We have intentionally designed our indoor and outdoor learning environments to cultivate the natural curiosity of young learners.

Rather than spend the whole day in his or her classroom, our unique learning environment extends from the students’ homeroom to our great rooms and our outdoor environment.


Where students get to test their growing knowledge in learning centers designed just for them. By observing each student’s KDIs, our teachers support your child’s development and offer gentle extensions to their knowledge by posing questions and offering new materials.

Great Rooms

Our indoor great rooms are for toddlers and preschoolers to continue development in physical, intellectual, and social-emotional abilities. From group activities to pretend play, each class offers a wide range of opportunities for students to engage in together.

Outdoor Learning Spaces

These unique areas are geared toward continuing education and discovery outside. In our garden, students cultivate life and learn practical life skills with our gardening teacher and tend to each season’s crops. The outdoor space also includes an open field for games and a 40 foot covered space where students can play and explore at sand and water tables, as well as exciting group activities.

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